Media about The Age of Em
Beyond the hype on artificial intelligence: The reality of intelligent infrastructure and human augmentation
Bret Swanson
Andy Fitch
Los Angeles Review of Books
Adam Keiper
Weekly Standard
Max Tegmark
Christopher Matthews
Andrew Lawton
News Talk 770
Francesca Minerva, Adrian Rorheim
Andrew Hickey
Head of State
Member Profile
Nicole Weinstock
Cryonics, 38(4):8-11
Cities in The Age of Em: An interview with Robin Hanson
Aschwin de Wolf
Cryonics, 38(4):12,13
This isn't Kansas: About Robin Hanson's The Age of Em
David Brin
Cryonics, 38(4):14,15
The First Ems Might Be Alcor Patients
James D. Miller
Cryonics, 38(4):15
On Robin Hanson's 'The Age of Em'
Vernor Vinge
Cryonics, 38(4):16
The Age of Emp: An Alternative to Robin Hanson's 'The Age of Em'
Michael Perry
Cryonics, 38(4):24-30
Rob May
Inside AI
Scott, Tom, and Zach
Singularity Bros
d'Olivier Ezratty
Opinions Libres
Michel Levy-Provencal
Les Echos
Luke Stokes
Winona Roylance
Diplomatic Courier
Back Channel
Urte Neniskyte
Maratono Laukas
Kevin Kienast, Urs Steiner
avenir suisse
Alain Egli
13th European Trend Day
Robin Hanson
Vincent Burgy
La Liberte
Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon
The World Transformed Podcast
Vernor Vinge, Jim Euchner
Research-Technology Management
Anatoly Karlin
Unz Review
John Walker
Stuart Campbell
Consider This, KZYX Radio
James Hughes and Robin Hanson
Dr. Tar
iOTW Report
Tyler Cowen
Marginal Revolution
Lenore Skenazy
The Villager
Berin Szoka
Tech Policy Podcast
Quando i robot governeranno
Susanna Compostella
pagina99, p. 31
The Ross Blog
David Wescott
The Chronicle Review
Koichi Yano
Synodos, vol. 2016
Marco Paretti
Viviamo in un mondo simulato?
Rokas Staškevičius
Partial Analysis
The Bayesian Conspiracy
Katrina Stanton, Eneasz Brodski, Steven Zuber
David Gardner
Rule Breaker Investing Podcast
Jacob Morgan
The Future of Work
Books of my Life
Ian McEwan
Entertainment Weekly, p. 64
Richard Jones
New Statesman
Caspar Oesterheld
The Universe from an Intentional Stance
James Hughes and Robin Hanson
Evan Dashevsky
PC Magazine
Fu Zhong
The forum
Aaron Watson
Going Deep with Aaron Watson
Acemaxx Analytics
James Miller
Future Strategist
Brian Wang
Next Big Future
Paula Klein
MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy Blog
Justin Loew
LongeCity Now Podcast
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Live Mint
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Efecto Naim TV
Michael Covel
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Adam Ford
Science, Technology, and the Future
Sascha Mattke
Technology Review
Joshua Rothman
The New Yorker
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BBC Radio Wales
John Perry, Ted Kupper
Review the Future
Werner Herzog
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Brain Preservation Foundation
2016 June 2
Sara Levine
The Oxford Comment
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